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Fuji's mirrorless "X / GFX" has also become a webcam, and software for Windows is provided free of charge

FUJIFILM announced on May 27th, Windows software "FUJIFILM X Webcam" [hereinafter, X Webcam] for utilizing the mirrorless camera "X series" and "GFX series" as a Web camera for personal computers. The 100 million-pixel medium format mirrorless "GFX100" will also be a webcam. It started to be offered on the website of Fujifilm from the same day. Free to download and use.

  • Medium format mirrorless "GFX" series can also be used as a web camera!

Software for "using a mirrorless camera as a high-quality Web camera", which has become a trend in recent years due to an increase in video conferencing by telework. It works as a webcam if it is connected to a computer with X Webcam installed using a USB cable. You can also use film simulation, so you can have an online meeting with your favorite drawing. Supported OS is Windows 10 [64-bit version] only.

Compatible models are three models of medium format mirrorless "GFX100" "GFX 50S" "GFX 50R", APS-C mirrorless "X-H1" "X-Pro2" "X-Pro3" "X-T2" 6 models of "X-T3" and "X-T4".

  • Also supports the latest APS-C mirrorless "X-T4"

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