Fujitsu and Yimoto become coaches of the Nihon University American Football Club.

It was learned on the 10th that Junpei Yimoto [29], the captain of the American Football X League's Fujitsu Frontiers and WR, was appointed WR coach in the American Football Club.

Being a coach of a university while on a business team is an unusual case in the American football world.

Yimoto joined the Frontiers as a Fujitsu employee in 2013 after attending Daisan University and Ritsumei University. He has been the captain since the 2005 season and led the team to four consecutive victories at the Japan X Bowl last December and the Rice Bowl last January. He played in the World Cup for 15 years as a Japanese national team, and also played in the Japan-US friendly match against the Spring League selection in Frisco, Texas, USA on the 1st of this month.

While continuing Fujitsu players, attended to the ground of the Nihon University in prospect to four days a week from March, it hits the guidance of students. In response to the interview, Yimoto said, "I want to share my experiences, techniques, and minds directly with students. I think that raising the level of students is absolutely necessary for Japanese football today." Was.

"I thought the active X-Leaguer / Coach was a necessary role for Japan today. I want to learn and grow myself." While aiming for the best in Japan at Fujitsu as an active player, he will teach top-level technology to the reverse and work hard to improve the level of American football in Japan.

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