Fujitsu, in-house pet bottle beverage total elimination of marine plastic litter to reduce

Fujitsu 11, the company’s customer service area and the café, the plastic waste that cause PET bottles and other plastic beverage containers and the use of and for announced that. The group has promoted business activities related to plastic usage and plastic waste reduction initiatives to expand a marine plastic litter reduction initiatives to strengthen the.

【Here】Coca-Cola and the world’s first complete recycling PET bottle recycling introduction

Fujitsu Group company activities through the SDGs to contribute to achievement of ESG management promoting. ESG environmental aspects,global warming, combined with plastic waste, measures to be very important, and the group’s domestic and overseas offices,products and packaging materials for resource saving and recycling,Office of waste reduction and other activities to promote.

In recent years a pressing issue to society as cognition proceeds, marine plastic litter ecosystems about the impact of our corporate activities through the contribution of all,last year 10 month awareness video to create a free of charge published. Awareness video our employees, including domestic and Foreign many people in the marine plastic litter problem for me, and the inhabitants of the municipality awareness-raising activities, and corporate employee training, etc, and used that.

Through this collaboration,in-house vending machine for PET bottles beverage is sequentially cans bottles, beverage and paper into the container and switch. In these activities,approximately 700 million occurred used plastic bottles of zero. Or office within the convenience store, concession stand up, but also the elimination of the employee of my bag and bring into the habit of that.

Business activities of plastic waste, measures to further strengthen,2019 the second half from the outside of the operators in conjunction with the raised parts of the plastic packing material with a view to advancing the supply chain through the reduction of waste to promote.

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