Fukuoka Ohori's first defeat in the Fukuoka final “I didn't get attached”

Fukuoka Ohori, Japan's third-time tour in 26 years, broke his dream again. In the finals, it was the first big showdown in Fukuoka, and it was 68-75 before the summer high school champion Fukuoka Daiichi. Fukuoka Daiichi won the fourth victory for the second consecutive year.

Fukuoka Ohori moaned tears in the finals in front of Meijiri [Miyagi], where Yamura Ryu was in 2013 and 2014 and Yamura Aren was there in 2017. This time, Fukuoka Daiichi's Congo student, a 203-centimeter center, Kubema Joseph Steve, took a total of 20 rebounds and was unable to keep up.

Coach Sota Katamine recalled the start of the game, saying, "Steve took the defensive rebound and Steve suffered an easy goal." Steve was blocked by point getters SF Shinsei Yokoji [3 years old] and Yutaka Kibayashi [3 years old] during inside play. "I wasn't able to play well because of my lack of guidance."

"It was cool, but my attachment to the ball was not as good as [Fukuoka Daiichi]. Mr. Daiichi does not hesitate at all times and devotes himself to defense and loose ball. Summed up the causes of defeat and looked ahead to next year.

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