Full-fledged off loader Toyota・RAV4-HYBRID, Nissan・Kick-e-power such as the electric car is advantageous

Full-fledged off loader, an electric car is good. It is,in low speed off-road obstacles to overcome, such as a gasoline engine in the car is a MT and the clutch to slip and increase from you.

【Here】TV shows”and a house that appeared in the”4WD light performance excellent Japanese pride

AT from engine the risk is not, the torque Converter to the pain for that. Because of the internal combustion engine, the engine is a low rpm torque because of less rotational speed to increase the need from. DCT is not for also,MT and the same clutch to slip that from you.

In this regard, the motor is the maximum torque for low speed, rough road that is best for you. Also, the engine is 1,500 rpm or acceleration power if she did not. And,big step to get over such as when you clutch to slip to no. However the motor is that the rotation of the freely control feeling,easy to drive there.

Therefore, the electric vehicle rough road driving is it good for you. City ride of slow moving, or into a garage when the electric car is easy to handle. My hybrid is also good for you. The electric car is a fine low-speed handling of the ease, there are days I notice the mechanism for load reduction is large.

Modern tire slip is detected,4-Wheel Control to control the computer to working class is the majority just. For that”game machines”operate the same in such a state,their operation is how to but also feel they no longer have.

The majority of the human operation than the”safety”to keep the good, and the driver of the automobile the actual motion detection you can not, the problem should not it?

“Off-road driving in an electric car is facing”the knowledge about the driver is”basic knowledge”with the engine’s performance characteristics and the motor performance characteristics of a difference of knowing is needed. e-power Laden Nissan X・notes, the 1.5 L engine Toyota・Yaris acceleration if you test, 0-400m is overwhelmingly Nissan・Note early. However, the 0-1000m acceleration, and suddenly Toyota・Yaris 1. 5L engine-powered car faster.

This is the engine and motor performance characteristics of that would. Japan’s roads in motor vehicles is overwhelming to ride and be seen. e-power with the car, never a Toyota Formula HV for fuel economy is competitive not only,the daily city ride is a”ride in”is popular is that.

The regenerative brake energy recovery, also to some in the form of a motor for electric car use the All The Times would be. However, battery recycling and other issues has emerged and,from this hydrogen engine research will.

“Real Corona”in what kind of technology is preferred and that? Looking forward to more. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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