Full restore to one of the bolts! Until the twisted Porsche 911 is completed

this is,"Wolves in sheep skin" What is the speed and punch of the red Porsche 911?It is a continuation of.

The engine was sent to fellow Marty while the suspension was fully restored. This is to convert a 130bhp 2.0 liter engine to 2.2S specifications. I replaced the cylinder and piston with a bore of 84mm, tweaked the head, and replaced the camshaft. As a result, the output increased to an estimated 180bhp.

As with the originality of the exterior, the twin twin carburetor made of standard equipment was utilized as it was. Another feature of the car was that the Solex carburetor remained. Early 911s are often replaced by Webbers at some point. But Magnus said it wasn't easy to get Solex up and running right. Despite the struggle, it is now possible to make a throat like a kitten or grow like a tiger, depending on the mood of the driver.

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Taking into account performance improvements, the brakes were upgraded to dual master cylinders and S-spec ventilated discs for all four wheels. Also, instead of the original 4.5J wheel, a 1968 15-inch 5.5J chrome-plated steel wheel was replaced. However, you will not notice unless you are a very eye-catching person. That's true of the slightly lower front suspension. The tires have also been made thicker to improve handling. The original was 165 mm wide but now wears 195/65 Bridgestone radial tires.

When the car was purchased, the seats, door panels and steering were lost, but it wasn't much of a problem as Magnus stocked the parts at the time. The instruments are of course standard European specifications, but they were rebuilt and readjusted, and the bezel surrounding the meters was chrome-plated again. Underneath the instrument are mahogany panels that mimic the original veneer.

This inventor was able to add Becker radio Mexico in the mid-1960s to the center. Immediately after finding a woodworking shop in the neighborhood, they asked me to make a panel that would fit everything, based on the original, and finally Magnus performed the fading treatment. Later stereo speakers are hidden inside the panel.

Did you notice a thermometer on the left side of the dashboard that indicates the outside temperature? It is displayed in Celsius and is also listed on the "Birth Certificate" of this car, which was ordered from Porsche. The certificate also included a sunroof, a burner from Bebasto [refitted by Magnus], optional headrests and a houndstooth seat insert.

The sheet was trimmed with a houndstooth check as per the certificate, and the same fabric was used for part of the rear seat. "Porsche also used this combination in the prototype. For some reason, the rear insert was omitted in mass-produced cars, resulting in a single color synthetic leather. I wanted to give the interior a unique impression of that era.

The yellow fog light was not listed on the certificate, but it was installed when purchased, so I decided to leave it. The other original exterior trims have been chrome-plated again, and the rubber seals have been replaced with new ones on all sides.

Magnus summarized the project as follows: "We tried to give this coupe the same performance upgrade as it did at the time. In the 1960s and early 70s, new performance-enhancing updates were introduced by Porsche owners to bring their cars to life. Continuous evolution, such as ventilated disc brakes, dual-circuit braking systems, and engine power-ups. "

"This was the first time I had a full restore of one of the bolts. I broke everything, replated many parts with chrome and cadmium, and did not use any aftermarket parts. The 911 I've finished so far was usually a minimalist, lighter model, and the smaller the better, the better, but in every 66 year I was more particular about the details. I needed to keep myself down. ''

He said he had done about 1000 hours of work, but said he was very happy with the result. Magnus also owns the green 1966 model, which is a completely original version. The production time at the factory is only three weeks different, but in the run this red 911 will easily win. Magnus feels a great sense of accomplishment by reviving another car from over 50 years ago, adding his own twist. I hope that the next 50 years will be wonderful for this car.

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