Fumie Katsura's disciple, Mr. Natsukawa, co-authored with psychiatrist "Kame Senjin"

Tatsuya Natsukawa [54], a disciple of the 6th generation Fumie Katsura [76], asked a book "How to cure depression without resorting to drugs" by a psychosomatic doctor who has a zero recurrence rate after returning to work. "[Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.] was published. Co-authored with Satoshi Kamehiro, director of the Bobot Medical Clinic, the psychiatrist “Kame Senjin”. He teaches the importance of rehabilitation from depression such as "fracture of the heart" by not eating medicines and learning about diet, exercise, and one's trisets.

Natsukawa said, “If you keep giving pain to a person who has a stomach ache, you will not be able to cure the cancer. Similarly, you can stop relying on Western medicine and adjust your body clock to help Kampo. We will overcome depression."

Natsukawa entered the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University after two years. In 1988, he applied for the "Comedy Restoration School" founded by Fumie [Saegusa at that time] when he was in his third year of college, passed "just right for my son's tutor", and also served as the second president. As an ancestor of high education, he made a debut with a junior student of Kyoto University in a manzai combination. “Being a brother at Kyoto University, I used to be The Brothers, but I became a pin entertainer because my junior, who had a close parental cry, retired and cried,” he says.

It sold quite well in Kansai, including being a regular member of Asahi's midnight program "Night in Night." "But I can't eat only with entertainers, so I had a part-time job, and as an extension, I established an advertising company when I was 25." The president's business became the main business rather than the entertainer activity.

The turning point was the 2008 Lehman shock. "Because I want to try the game one more time than the business, I started a lecture on mental activation through laughter and communication techniques. The logic of laughter was put into a highly general reason. It was said. For the last 10 years, he has given 200 lectures a year.

He stopped performing as an entertainer in the mid 30's, but laughs about Fumie, "I'm still a teacher. The relationship between my teacher and his disciple lasts a lifetime. I go to see him at New Year's and get a New Year gift." "I'm fine even if I'm over 70, but I've become more round than I used to be [laughs]. He's been on TV for the longest time, and he's been doing rakugo all the time." I have it.

Tatsuya Natsukawa was born on December 9, 1965, in Osaka Prefecture. Entered the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1986. In 1988, he entered the Comedy Restoration School and became a disciple of Saegusa Katsura [at that time]. Manzai duo, The Brothers formed. 1989 Asahi Broadcasting "Night in Night" regular. Established an advertising company in 1991. 1996 movie "Salaryman 2".

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