Fuyu-Yu-Yusuke Matsuzaki, “I want to hear about erotic things”

Johnny's four-person unit Fu Yuu celebrated the first day of the entertainment show “ENTA! 2 4U. Zeppin de SHOW” at Zepp Diversity in Tokyo on the 11th.

We challenge various performances such as song and dance, variety program-like conte. In the photo shoot, Yuta Fukuda [33] called for “Please correct the photo to make it look like King & Prince” and invited laughter. Yuki Koshioka [33] When he was masturbating, “It's impossible,” he said, “Do n’t say that!” From Tsujio University [33].

The laughter problem, Koji Higashino [52] and Dantsumi [39] who just married last month will appear as guests at each performance. Yusuke Matsuzaki [33] declared straight, “I want to ask Mr. Tanshi to be erotic!” Fukuda is also motivated, “If we don't ask Mr. Tanshi to be erotic, we're booing.” Koshioka also kept an eye out because "We have a mission."

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