G.Itoya 1st floor, Volvo Jack! Exhibiting XC40 at Itoya in Ginza

Volvo's compact city wearing the Scandinavian creativity and urban atmosphere at the Swedish Design in Life "Life in Scandinavia" to be held in Itoya, Tokyo, until March 2 (Mon). SUV XC40 is on display.

The XC40 has a beautiful design as well as ample storage and smart technology, and has been devised to make driving more comfortable. It is said that the XC40 exhibition has been decided because the space that is stress-free and comfortable, and that can enter the work, matches the direction that ITOYA is aiming for.

This time, by displaying the stationery that is actually sold at Itoya in a versatile manner, you can see the storability of the XC40 and the interior of a practical and stylish Scandinavian design.

Also, during the exhibition, at the note couture on the second floor of the annex K.Itoya, beautiful designs of Volvo cars can be applied to the cover of the original notebook by foil stamping, and a special one can be made to customize the car. G.Itoya The first floor Drink offers a limited-time collaboration hot lemonade using the popular herb "Elderflower" in Northern Europe. It is a space where you can experience the tea time "FIKA" which is considered important in Sweden.

Ginza Itoya Main Store 2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
G.Itoya 1F (event space in front of the revolving door / Azuma street side)
K.Itoya 2nd floor NoteCouture

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