G-SHOCK and nanoblock extreme sports collaborate

Casio's shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” and Kawada ’s small block “nanoblock” collaborate. The “Watch Display Tool” that decorates the G-SHOCK and “Extreme Sports” assembled with Kawada's small blocks are included in the set.

  • Watch display tool [G-SHOCK is not included in the contents]

The G-SHOCK in the photo above is the “GM-5600”, a popular square model with “origin” and a metal [stainless steel] bezel cover.

  • Watch display tool package

There are four different types of blocks: ice hockey, surfing, BMX [bicycle], and snowboarding. Speaking of ice hockey, some G-SHOCK fans may recall a TV commercial aired in the United States in 1984.

  • Ice hockey

  • snow board

  • BMX

  • surfing

In order to appeal “G-SHOCK”, the ice hockey player pulls the G-SHOCK with a stick. This CM, a controversy in the United States, “Is it a hype?” And verified with the same conditions and situation on the TV program, G-SHOCK did not break. The episode called “G-SHOCK” was a big hit in the United States.

However, this collaboration is a premium not-for-sale item for the G-SHOCK purchase campaign that is only available overseas. It is not available at stores in Japan, and it is undecided whether a similar campaign will be held. I think there are various problems such as availability and number, but I hope that it will be deployed in Japan.

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