G-SHOCK BABY-G's 2020 irukuji, theme is Orca family and family love

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release the 2020 version of the "Isearch Japan" collaboration model as a new product of the shock-resistant watches "G-SHOCK" and "BABY-G" [scheduled for June]. Known as the “Ilk Whale” and “Dolphin Whale”, this model is released every year and is very popular.

  • G-SHOCK, BABY-G, Ilkuji

    Irkuji in 2020. Left is G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR", right is BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR"

Isearch Japan [International Dolphin / Whale Education Research Center] is an environmental organization established in 1991. We are engaged in activities to convey the importance of the sea where dolphins and whales live. Casio has been supporting various environmental groups since the latter half of the 1990s with the "Love The Sea And The Earth".

As the name suggests, the G-SHOCK / BABY-G dolphin model often incorporates expressions of dolphins and whales into its watches, but in 2020 the theme was "Orca" in addition to dolphins and whales. .. Orca, which is said to have strong family ties, is used as the concept of "family love."

  • G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR"
  • BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR"

The base of G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR" is 25,300 yen including tax for the square model "GW-M5610", the base of BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR" is round type "BGA-2700" for 24,750 yen including tax It is. Another article was introduced at Casio's Spring / Summer 2020 model presentation and introduced in the photos of the actual machine “Casio Spring / Summer 2020 watch new product presentation, "Ilkuji & BABY-G"Please also see ".

The play ring of G-SHOCK is designed with a whale silhouette, and the play ring of BABY-G is designed with a dolphin silhouette. The "Isearch Japan" logo and Orca's body pattern are printed on the band.

  • G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR"

    G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR"

  • BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR"

    BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR"

  • Special package

Also, when the G-SHOCK backlight is turned on, the appearance of Orca spying on hops emerges. The specially designed package depicts the Orca family swimming friendlyly in the sea.

  • Image of backlight image

  • Orca's Spy Hop

  • Design image of the back cover

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