G-SHOCK new work with photos-Origin "GMW-B5000CS" that transcends space and time


The full metal square model "GMW-B5000" which inherits the genes of the original G-SHOCK "DW-5000C". I remember that the “ GMW-B5000TCM '', whose surface was subjected to DLC processing and only the DLC coating was peeled off with a laser to create a unique design, became a big topic at the new product launch in the fall and winter 2019. New to.

From the viewpoint of CMF [Color, Material, Finish] design, "GMW-B5000CS" is the latest model that challenged new expressions. For an overview of features and specifications, see another articleG-SHOCK, new square type full metal is grid pattern "TIME TUNNEL"Here, let's take a closer look at the appearance and details in the photos. The price of GMW-B5000CS-1JR is 96,800 [excluding tax], scheduled to be released in May.

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    G-SHOCK "GMW-B5000CS-1JR"

This time, the special CMF design explodes!

The GMW-B5000CS-1JR base model uses a SS [stainless steel] case and band.GMW-B5000D". A black IP is applied to this SS part, and the film is peeled off with a laser to engrave the "Grid Tunnel" throughout the whole body. Although details such as laser output are different, the basic technology is said to be close to the GMW-B5000TCM described at the beginning. If you enlarge the picture and look closely, you can see that the color of the line is indeed SS metal, silver.

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Futuristic whole body grid line

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Can you see the color of the metal in the IP peeled part?

According to Casio, this design means “ the flow of time from the past to the future, '' and since the birth of 1983, has projected the concept of the “ 5000 '' series, which has evolved over time without changing form. It is said that. At the same time, it also includes images of CG wireframes used during design.

At first glance, it may look like a simple carving of vertical and horizontal lines. However, in fact, the design has been very carefully considered. For example, a line is printed on the back of the windshield in the same tone as the laser engraving. In addition, despite the fact that the light-collecting efficiency decreases when it hits the solar cell [!], The design is prioritized.

If you follow the edges, you can see that they are beautifully connected to the radial line of the bezel. Since this is the "Kimo" part of the tunnel motif, it is indispensable to match Chile. However, in reality, it should not be a process that can be cleared up by such a thing. After all, the material of the parts and the way of drawing the lines are different. It seems that considerable technology and ingenuity have been used to connect such things without discomfort.

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Line on draft shield is tightly connected to radial line of bezel

In addition, the design [*] designed so that the mortar-shaped hollow of the band, which can be said to be the 5000 series tradition, is not irradiated with laser, the border drawn on the bare edge of each band of the band, and the coloring of the back lid are not IP. Considering the difficulty of manufacturing, such as sculpting DLC ​​[Diamond-Like Carbon] and engraving the slopes, it is full of attractions that seem to be far from mind. The band is fastened with a three-fold solid buckle that is sporty and luxurious.

*:It is difficult to apply the laser vertically to the slope or bottom of the hollow

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Avoiding mortar-shaped hollows and combining circles gives a change to the design

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    The line drawn on the edge of the band's frame. Worry about yield

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    The back cover is more beautiful and more durable DLC treatment. And graphics on the slopes!

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    The connection between the lug and the band is devised to improve the fit when worn

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Three foldable solid buckle that is nice for luxury

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    G-SHOCK logo drawn on the clasp [Chudome] is also a special specification of a bag character

The weight is 167g, which is quite heavy. However, the apparent impact and presence are more than that. It's definitely one to keep your friends and colleagues on the gaze.

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    This heavy feeling that appears in the visual!

  • G-SHOCK, full metal square model "GMW-B5000"

    Backlight lighting state

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