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Galaxy S11 (provisional) / vertical folding smartphone announced on February 18th? Leak account tells Samsung event information-Engadget Japan version

Rumor information that South Korean Samsung will announce the next smartphone “Galaxy S11 (tentative name)” and vertically folded smartphone on February 18 next year is reported overseas.

According to the famous leak account Ice universe, Samsung is currently hosting an event in San Francisco, announcing the Galaxy S11 and a clamshell folding smartphone.

So far, Samsung has announced the flagship Galaxy smartphone almost every February, and it is a natural story that the Galaxy S11 will be announced in the same month.

As prior information, Galaxy S11 may have a square camera projection on the back as shown in the upper image.rumorIt has been. In addition, with a 100 million pixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, and a ToF sensor that measures depthinformationIs also reported. In addition, images that are considered to be actual machines that support the above informationOutflowdoing.

In addition, regarding vertical folding smartphones, Samsung will give the concept image in October this year.Announcementdoing. According to Korean sources, a vertically folded smartphone will be launched for 1 million won (approximately 94,000 yen) in February 2020, and a successor to the horizontally folded “Galaxy Fold” will be launched in August. It is said that.

The first model Galaxy Fold was released in Korea this September.ReleaseAnd if another folding smartphone is to be introduced in February next year, it can be said that it is a fairly fast pace. If this information is correct, Samsung seems to expect a lot for the future of folding smartphones.

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