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Galaxy Z Flip (provisional) named Samsung's next folding smartphone? -Engadget Japan Version

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Information that the name of Samsung Korea's next folding smartphone will be "Galaxy Z Flip (tentative name)" has been reported from overseas.

This information comes from the famous leak account ice Universe. In addition, the account also publishes an official logo image in a tweet.

Regarding Samsung's next folding smartphone, the company launched a horizontal folding type product launched last year.Galaxy Fold”, Unlike vertical folding (flip) typerumorHad been The name of the leaked Galaxy Z Flip also suggests that it will be a flip type that can be folded vertically.

At a developer meeting developed last October, Samsung also introduced the concept of a vertically folded smartphone.Releasedoing. From this, it is very likely that the next folding smartphone will be a vertical folding type.

As a vertical folding smartphone, Motorola in November last year “razrAnnounced. Small and relatively inexpensive (as a folding smartphone) attracted attention. In addition, there is a possibility that China Huawei is developing a vertical folding smartphonePoint outIt has been.

Samsung has an event on February 11HoldingAt that event, it is expected that the event will announce the vertical folding smartphone and the next flagship "Galaxy S20 series (tentative name)". We are also worried about whether the horizontal fold type Galaxy Fold and the vertical fold type Galaxy Z Flip will be developed in parallel in the future.


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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