Game magazine “ Dengeki PlayStation '' stops regular publication-25 years of Preste magazine

ADOKADOKAWA Game Linkage announced on February 26 that the regular publication of the game magazine "Dengeki PlayStation", which is published as a PlayStation specialty magazine, will be discontinued with Vol.686 released on March 28.

Dengeki PlayStation is a game magazine that launched Vol.1 in 1994 and has been publishing it for 25 years. In recent years, the company has been transmitting content through articles on Dengeki Online, a web media operated by the company, and programs distributed on YouTube.

さ れ Posted on Dengeki OnlineAnnouncementAccording to the report, the end of the periodical publication "is due to various factors such as changes in the situation surrounding media such as magazines and changes in the way game information is transmitted".

と い う In addition, in the form of extra publications and mooks, the company will consider producing publications. The company also plans to roll out articles on the Web bearing the name of Dengeki PlayStation, distribution via YouTube, and videos on Dengeki Online.

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