Garake style? Vertical folding smartphone, Motorola "razr"

The “2019 Lenovo Tech World and Innovation Tour” will be held on November 15, 2019 in Beijing, China, to introduce the Lenovo Group's new initiatives and products to the media. Prior to that, Motorola of the Lenovo Group announced a new folding smartphone “razr v3” and held a briefing in Beijing.

  • Motorola, razr

    Motorola's "razr v3" folds vertically

  • Motorola, razr

    Collapsed state. Fits easily in your pocket at a size that fits in the palm of your hand

  • Motorola, razr

    Lenovo headquarters in the suburbs of Beijing

razr v3 is a smartphone that follows the design of "razr", which was popular as a two-fold feature phone of Motorola. Inside, 6.2 inch [2,142 x 876 dots], 21: 9 aspect ratio, foldable organic EL display "Flex View display" is placed. There is a newly developed hinge in the center of the main body, and it is said that it can be folded without placing a burden on the display.

  • Motorola, razr

    With feature phone "razr". You can see that the design is similar

  • Motorola, razr

    side. To protect the display, the hinge has two stages

On the back is a 2.7-inch “Quick View display” [600 x 800 dots]. When the main body is folded, this display will come to the front and display information such as mail notification and time. There is no button for opening and closing the display, and it is a style that opens with a finger. After several trials, you can now open and close with one hand like a traditional folding feature phone. The opening and closing is not so hard, it is a smooth impression.

When opened, you can use it as you would a regular smartphone. The display surface was slightly soft, and the hinge structure on the back of the display was felt with fingers. A level that I don't really care about. It seems to get used immediately.

  • Motorola, razr

    Expanded state. Widely displays information with an aspect ratio of 21: 9

  • Motorola, razr

    We have developed a hinge with a unique structure so that the display is not burdened when folded and not bent when opened.

When folded, the main camera is at the front. Shake the main body in this state to activate the camera. While viewing the Quick View display, you can take selfies with the main camera. The main camera is 16 million pixels, the lens brightness is F1.7, and the front has a 5 million pixel F2.0 camera.

  • Motorola, razr

    When folded, you can take selfies with the main camera

  • Motorola, razr

    The main camera that can shoot bright night scenes in night vision mode. Spot color mode and portrait mode can be used

The body size is 72 x width 172 x depth 6.9 mm in the open state, the folded state is width 72 x height 94 x depth 14 mm, and the body weighs 205 g.

OS adopts Android 9 Pie. The SoC has Qualcomm's Snapdragon 710, 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage. The battery is built in the top and bottom of the main unit, and the capacity is 2,510mAh. The connector is USB Type-C, and 15W TurboPower charging is possible. The wireless charging function is not installed.

From November 2019, sales will begin in the US and parts of Europe. The selling price in the US is $ 1,499. Sales in the Japanese market are undecided.

  • Motorola, razr

    The lower back is a Motorola-like mesh design

  • Motorola, razr

    USB Type-C terminal on the bottom of the main unit

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