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Gather and work from home! Did you know that you can convert documents to PDF without a scanner? : IPhone Tips-Engadget Japan Version

iPhoneMany people say, "I'm doing remote work, but I don't have a scanner at home."使 う Using a convenience store's copier every time you need to scan is a waste of time and money. Actually, there is a way to convert paper documents to PDF using standard iPhone functions without using a scanner or application. This time I will show you how.

Scan & markup with the "Memo" app

Use the "Memo" app to scan. Use this method if you want to write down comments and questions. First, open the "Memo" app and add a new memo. Tap the camera icon that appears above the keyboard and select Scan Document.

▲ Open the "Notes" app and add notes. Tap the camera icon [left]. Select "Scan Document" [right]

When the camera starts up, center the document to be scanned on the center of the screen. The shutter is automatically pressed when the camera and document are aligned, but sometimes it doesn't work. In such a case, you can press the shutter icon at any time you want. When you are done, tap "Save".

▲ Automatically shoot by adjusting the position of the document with the viewfinder. Or tap the shutter icon [left]. "Save" [right]

If you press the shutter manually, you can trim unwanted parts on the next screen. When finished, tap "Keep scan". Then press "Save" at the bottom right of the screen to complete the scan.

▲ Trim unnecessary parts and tap "Keep scan" [left]. When you save on the next screen, the captured document will be converted to a PDF and pasted on the memo [right]

If you press and hold the attached PDF and select "Share", you can use the "Markup" function to draw a marker or write a simple memo.

▲ If you want to use "Markup", press and hold the PDF and select "Share" [left]. Tap once on a PDF to add or redo documents [right]

After entering a comment or question, tap the share icon at the top right of the screen to share the note and PDF. You can transfer to Dropbox and Slack as long as you have the app installed, as well as email. You can also share with Mac via AirDrop.

▲ Tap the share icon [left]. Select the transfer destination [right]

If you want to quickly convert to PDF, scan with the "File" application

If you do not want to write down comments and questions and want to quickly convert to PDF, the standard "folder" app is useful. Open the "Folders" app and tap "Browse" at the bottom right of the screen. Then press the "…" icon in the upper right corner to move to the "scan document" process.

▲ Tap "Browse" in the "Folder" application [left]. Select “Scan Document” from the “…” icon [right]

The scanning method is the same as that for the “Memo” app above. Once you have created the PDF, select the save location and tap "Save". When you open the PDF in the saved location, you can use the markup and sharing functions.


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