GENE Komori Jun's first black hair show in seven years

GENERATIONS Jun Komori [24] performed a recital drama “Geijin Exchange Diary” on the 6th at the Ebisu The Garden Hall in Tokyo on the 6th, and showed her black hair for the first time in about 7 years.

Plays the role of Tanaka in an entertainer's combination in a recital of the same work by Osamu Suzuki. Before the first day performance, a public gene pro for the press was held. It was a trademark since she turned blonde in "Musha Shugyo" before her debut, but she appeared with black hair for the first time in about seven years. After thinking about his role, he dyed it on this day, saying, "I'm embarrassed for the first time in seven years. I'm the first high school student …. Every time I meet the staff, I feel like I'm not wearing clothes."

The first stage became a recital drama, but "I've been dancing on various stages, but it's the first time I never move. It's strange because I want to step even if I'm standing." On the first day, Knights Nobuyuki Hanawa [41] plays the role of ANZEN Mansai and EXIT Rintaro for each performance. Replaces them. There was also a scene where he was a comic artist, "I had some experience in radio, so I thought it would work, but it was so difficult that I couldn't speak this much, and I felt deep."

We participated in the NHK Red and White Singing Battle for the first time, celebrating the new year. "I got a call from my family saying," I cried, "and the people I met during the New Year said," I saw it. "I felt again that everyone was supporting me. I said.

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