Gene Satoshi Komori "Motokaremania" appeared with Yoshiko

GENERATIONS performer Satoshi Komori [24] will appear as a guest in the final episode of Fuji TV series drama “Motokaremania” [Thursday 10:00 pm] broadcast on the 12th. Plays the role of Katsuya, husband of married manicurist Hiromi Suo, performed by Yoshiko Gunbaruya [29].

Komori, who professed “Motokaremania” [MKM] mania, “I ’m embarrassed to put it in words, but I ’m a“ Motokaremania ”mania” [laughs]. I was surprised at first, but I was surprised to find out that it wasn't a half-life story, and suddenly anxious, very happy, and excited. I fell in love. ”

Actress Yuko Araki [25] Yurika and actor Kengo Takara [32] starring double. Draw various patterns of love, such as Yurika [Shinki] and Makochi [Kora], Yamashita [Kenta Hamano] and Mugi [Minami Tanaka], Sakura [Yamaguchi Yumika] and Kazuma [Yasufumi Kamigami]. Attention has been gathered.

In the final round, Yurika [Shinki], who had doubted the relationship between Makochi [Kora] and the plant dyeing artist Momoka [Akiko Yada], had lost her feelings about him. Yamashita [Hamano], who knows the circumstances, encourages Yurika that he is worried about not being able to face Makochi because he wants to face.

At the same time, Sakura [Yamaguchi] is told by the former boyfriend Kazuma [Minoue] that she will be absolutely happy. Sakura responds that he wants to think alone.

Sakura confessed Kazuma to Yurika, who had been unable to return to the apartment. Sakura tells Yurika that she doesn't like people who leave her family, but she is bothered by her shaking.

On the next day, Makochi, who visited Momoka's house, told her that she failed to make a surprise gift to Yurika. Momoka who heard the story notices that Makochi's lover is Yurika and visits Tyrolean real estate to solve the misunderstanding.

That night, Shirai [Sekiguchi Mendy] suddenly visits Sakura Mansion. Shirai, who has put protein for chilly Sakura, begins reading Sakura's popular series “Gan soba”. Shirai learns that Sakura is a real experience.

Meanwhile, Yurika tells Makochi that she met Momoka. Makochi apologizes that "I am all bad" and invites him to go to the contract for the room where they live. But Yurika wants to keep a distance.

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