General election held! Online event must-see for Alfa Romeo fans

Alfa Romeo will celebrate its 110th anniversary on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Initially, the event was scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 27, but considering the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, a special event "ALFA ROMEO TV" to thank Alfa Romeo fans online. Announced to be delivered.

"ALFA ROMEO TV" will be on YouTube from 6/24 [Wednesday] 19:30"Alfa Romeo" channelIt will be delivered at.
MC is a former TBS announcer / current free announcer and Hiroki Ando, ​​who is also a selection committee member of the Japan Car of the Year. The following contents are planned with guest guests: Tetsuya Kato, a representative of Car Graphic Co., Ltd. and one of the best Alfistas in Japan, and Kei Takeoka, a motor journalist who has also participated in the All Japan Rally Championship at Alfa Romeo.

■ Main content: Results of "ALFA ROMEO general election" announced
Under the philosophy of "La meccanica delle emozioni", Alfa Romeo has created a number of historic cars. And drivers all over the world were fascinated by its beautiful Italian design and sensual driving, and became enthusiastic fans called Alfista [Alfisti abroad]. This passionate relationship is something special and irreplaceable, and it can be said that Alfa Romeo was able to make 110 years of history in Japan because of the enthusiastic "love" of the fans. .. At Alfa Romeo, the "We Love Alfa Romeo" special site below is held at the "We Love Alfa Romeo" special site, where Japanese fans can select the No. 1 model of all time. The result will be announced on "ALFA ROMEO TV".

"We Love Alfa Romeo" [member registration required to participate. Voting deadline is Thursday 21st May] * Two original Arita fried bean plates designed with a traditional emblem for 10 people selected by lottery Present a set.

■ Interview with Alfa Romeo Museum Director
An interview with Mr. Lorenzo Ardizio, director of Alfa Romeo Historical Museum from Italy. Lorenzo is from a village with a barocco test course called the "Holy Land of Alfa Romeo". It is a true "Alfa Romeo evangelist" who grew up watching the driving of his father, who was the company's test driver, and acquired a vast knowledge of Alfa Romeo. Mr. Lorenzo, who is currently a writer and columnist living in Nice, France, and who has a close relationship with Alfa Romeo, will be invited as an interviewer.

■ Ask the leading car photographer "The secret to beautifully photographing Alfa Romeo"
As part of the Alfa Romeo 110th anniversary event, the "ALFA ROMEO Photo Contest" will be held from 6/24 [Wed.]. Prior to this, Yoshifumi Ogawa, a leading car photographer who has been involved in the legendary car magazine "NAVI" from the first issue and has also worked on many advertising photographs for domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers, appeared on "ALFA ROMEO TV" And taught “the secret of beautifully shooting Alfa Romeo”.

■ Other
Introducing hot “celebration messages” from Alfa Romeo fans and interested parties, as well as treasured contents.

Details of "ALFA ROMEO TV" will be announced later on the "Alfa Romeo 110th Anniversary Site".

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