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Generates static electricity using batteries! Extra-fine touch pen that can be operated smoothly

Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. has released the battery-powered electrostatic type ultra-fine touch pen "PDA-PEN41BK2" whose tip sensitivity can be changed.

■ Battery-powered ultra-fine touch pen

The "PDA-PEN41BK2" is a battery-powered ultra-fine touch pen.


By using one AAA battery to generate static electricity, the tip can be made thinner, making it easier to see the pen tip and making it easier to aim and touch small parts. It can also be used by tilting it up to 60 ° (120 ° in total).

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The sensitivity can be lowered or raised by expanding and contracting the pen tip, which is convenient when you want to adjust the sensitivity with a protective film or the like.

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The pen tip uses a POM (polyacetal) resin material that has excellent durability as well as operability.

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In addition, it has a power switch and lights up in red when the battery capacity is low, so the remaining battery level can be grasped in advance. With a clip that can be inserted into a chest pocket.

Battery-powered electrostatic type extra-fine touch pen "PDA-PEN41BK2"

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