Get a number for over 7 years! ▽L28 type modified 3.2L full tune S130Z is one unit filled with passion and hard work | 1981 Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T Vol.3

The current engine of the 81st Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T is the L28 modified 3.2L full tune that was manufactured about three years ago.

Kameari φ89mm forged racing piston, 85mm8 weight crank, I-section connecting rod, etc. are used underneath the waist, and N42 head is equipped with combustion chamber argon and the compression ratio is set to 11.8.

These menus are aimed at "being unbreakable", and he said that he had no major trouble so far even if he enjoyed circuit driving.

 Also, the suspension is also modified properly. One-off harmonic drive with Silvia N2 shocks on the front and GT-R shocks on the rear.

In addition, by using the rear member of DR30 and the rear lower arm of R31, it seems that the camber change is suppressed.

In this way, the S130, which has been revived from a stationary vehicle over seven years, is now a good companion of Mr. Kobayashi. I will continue to go out for many years to come.

L28 type modified 3.2L Full tune engine details etc.See all images

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