"Get money while dieting!"

◆ Work that requires concentration will cause your brain to get tired …
When I used to hire employees, I spent most of the day having meetings such as meetings, business meetings and meetings.

When I became a single company and changed to a joint business with an external partner, that time was drastically reduced. Currently, I focus on work such as investigating new business proposals, collecting information on the internet and books, updating websites, creating presentation materials, and writing books and e-mail magazines.

What I noticed is that this kind of work requires a lot of concentration, so the brain is easily fatigued.

For example, if you write a manuscript or other text for 3 to 4 hours, your concentration will be interrupted and you will be exhausted [the body is fine, but your brain gets tired]. Even if you take a break, most of the time your concentration does not come back and you will not be able to work any more.

So, in the past, in preparation for this situation, we have prepared a chore that can be done even if you lose concentration. Arranging business cards and receipts, sending mail, etc … Recently, however, there was almost no such miscellaneous work, and I was worried about how to change my mind and restore my concentration.

Also, if you focus on PC work, you will be inevitably lacking in exercise and getting fat. I sit for almost a day, so my muscles also weaken. This was also an issue.

At first I thought I would go jogging or go to a sports club, but it was easy to frustrate, and above all, it didn't generate any profit. Just running is a time when you don't make money. I went to a sports club and bothered to pay and lift a heavy object.

So I was wondering if there was a way to exercise while getting money.

◆ I thought about how to change the mood while getting money
was. Courier and posting byte. Both of these are not full-time jobs and can be done in one to four hours a day. Moreover, you can distribute flyer postings at your own convenience. You should rest on a rainy day.

However, posting was postponed.

Actually, I've done it before, but when I put it in a collective post in an apartment, I feel awkward when it comes together with the residents there. It is awkward that there is a manager. Those who don't care are good, but I'm worried. I wondered why I had to use my own mind and rejected this.

So it is a courier part-time job. When I looked at the byte search site, I was looking for a short-time delivery person at a courier company.

It is a job to deliver while pushing a so-called cart, not a truck. The accident risk is low because the car is not driven. You don't have to carry heavy items, and it's OK even from 1 hour a day. Maybe the main thing is luggage like mail.

Speaking of which, you might see a female deliveryman, so it's probably not a tough job. If you push while running the cart, it will be a good exercise.

Since the hourly wage is 1200 yen, 3600 yen for 3 hours a day. It will be a little over 100,000 yen in 30 days.

Moreover, there was a sales office that was a 5-minute walk from home, so there was almost no commuting time. You can go quickly and give it away for a quick return. You can also lend your uniform. Since it is around the home, there is a sense of land, so if you devise a delivery course, you should be able to distribute it fairly efficiently.

This is good! I decided to apply immediately. Would you like to write a resume for over 10 years?

However, I will return to me with groupers there. Would you be suspicious of writing a career as a foreign consultant or company manager? When I talked to my wife, he said, “You might be suspicious that you might have come to investigate a secretary or something.” So, I decided to call myself a freelance writer.

And the interview is GO! In interviews, for example, some designers are doing side-effects. The person also seems to be working for a PC all day, and he feels confused at home, so he is working for several hours a day to change his mood.

There are people who think the same thing. Also, it seems that the OL who has no time to work and has time to spare is also working as an exerciser.

They will send documents to the headquarters immediately after the interview, so wait for a call. You can exercise and make money at the same time! I was excited.

Then wait one week. A postcard arrived at home. Unfortunately, we received a notice of “Non-recruitment”.

As my wife said, did you know the history of a former consult and thought that she was going to enter something for research purposes? Or did you get the wrong answer? Speaking of which, I was asked at the interview, “Do you have a person-like phobia? Recently, there are more people who look like Utsu”, and it may have seemed to be a suspicious person who seems weak in mental.

The wife is angry and laughs, and says, "It was a sluggish attitude from the top."

I don't think it's a line of sight from above, but I'm sure it's been sluggish, I thought it was an attitude, or I should have had a more smile, but in any case, money while dieting this way The dream of earning is over.

◆ Thinking about how you can do it while getting money
I've written a long time, but what I want to say is that it's not just the end of spending money, the end of spending time, but thinking about how you can do it while getting money is.

If you're jogging, run while listening to the English conversation, or get something in parallel.

If you want to learn, don't go to school but apply for the job. If you want to learn web production, you can apply as an assistant to the job. Well, I'm not even persuasive to say I fell even after a part-time job interview [bitter smile].

That reminds me of the salaryman Kawayanagi I heard in the past. "It's high that you don't hire me."

It looks like you ’re happy …

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