"" that creates a movie and a web page with a map that is perfect for directions for free


"" that creates a movie and a web page with a map that is perfect for directions for free

When meeting someone or inviting someone to an event, it's important that they get to the meeting place or venue. When informing the other person of their first place, it may be difficult to understand just by saying, "Exit the south ticket gate of the station, go straight, turn left at the third traffic light". "gif.directIs a web service that is convenient for directions and allows you to easily create web pages with movies and maps shot while walking along the road for free. is a service that shoots and uploads a movie around the destination, registers the location information of the destination, and creates a link between the movie and the web page on which the map is posted. Listed on the official pageSample page linkWhen you click…

A web page where you can see a movie of the way to the building that seems to be your destination has been opened. The movie is not just the file as it was shot, but it is compressed like a lime lapse or GIF movie, and it is like fast-forward.

At the bottom of the movie, a map around the destination, an address, and a share icon with SNS are also displayed. If you want to show someone the way to your destination, you can take a movie, create a page, and share the link so that it's visually understandable.

To create a web page for directions using, you need to create an account. Open the official page and tap "Sign Up". Although account registration itself can be done on a PC, it is more convenient to register an account on a smartphone because only smartphones can create web pages using

Enter your account name, email address, password, set the time zone, check the agreement to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and tap "Sign Up".

This completes account registration.

This time, I will first shoot a movie around the destination and then make a web page for directions. Since creates a web page from the browser of a smartphone, you can save time and effort by shooting a movie on your smartphone. If the movie is too long, you will not be able to upload it, so the image quality is low and it is better to keep the length for about tens of seconds.

After shooting the movie, log in to with your smartphone and tap "New Gif".

Since asks for permission to use location information, tap "Permission".

First, register the location information of the destination. At the beginning, the current location of the smartphone is displayed on the map, and the center of the cursor displayed on the map is the destination. If you want to set a destination away from your current location, place the cursor on the destination and tap "Confirm Location".

Next, set the URL name of the web page to be created.

Next, upload the movie file. Tap "Select file"…

I got the choices to take a photo or video, a photo library, and a browse. If you have already shot a movie, you can select "Photo Library" or "Browse", but at this stage you can also shoot a low-quality movie with less load on the line. If the size of the movie is large, it will take a considerable amount of time to create a web page, or you will not be able to successfully create a web page, so it is not recommended to upload a movie longer than 1 minute. This time, select "Photo Library".

Select the video you want to upload and tap Done.

Check the content of the movie and tap "Select".

Finally, enter the address and tap "Create Gif". It should be noted that the larger the capacity of the movie, the longer it takes for the screen to transition after tapping "Create Gif", so it is recommended to create it in a place where the Wi-Fi environment is prepared as much as possible.

If it goes well, the screen "Gif Proccessing" will appear…

A web page for directions has been created.

By tapping the movie part, you can see the movie of directions such as GIF movie.

A map and address were displayed at the bottom of the movie.

Since the share icon with SNS etc. is displayed at the bottom, it is possible to send a link to people who want to guide the way.

Once created, the web page will be saved in your account, so you can create some directions web pages in advance and send them when you need them. may not be able to successfully create a web page depending on the movie capacity and communication conditions, but a web page that displays a simple movie and map is easy to understand visually and is useful when you want to provide directions. It was a web service.

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