"GIGAZINE Manga Award" for those who want to serialize manga that suits their style in the new era Started recruitment in May 2020 & top drawing making looks like this

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"GIGAZINE Manga Award" for those who want to serialize manga that suits their style in the new era Started recruitment in May 2020 & top drawing making looks like this

The new year, like the rough waves, was already in May. Whether you are new to the company or newly enrolled, or the time has passed without realizing it, you can open new doors with your own hands.GIGAZINE Manga AwardPlease check.Complete remote& It's easy to schedule, so you should be able to find the style that suits you best.

How are you doing it remotely? You can peek behind the scenes in the article below.

How do you go from meeting to sharing the completed manuscript in the completely remote manga production? -GIGAZINE

◆ Click here for the "GIGAZINE Manga Award" application guidelines

I already read the application guidelines, so apply anyway! That personApplication FormPlease

Click here for the original script recruitment guidelines

If you are thinking of applying in a novel or script format, please check the application guidelines from the link above.

◆ May 2020 GIGAZINE Manga Award Top Drawing Illustration

The top image illustration for May 2020 isYunchoI got it. It is an artistic piece with colorful graffiti and fashionable characters.

Below is the making of the illustration.

Yuncho "I tried to draw a contrast with the profound feeling of Japanese while making me feel the fresh green of May and early summer. I dared to hide the front of the canvas. Imagine what is drawn I want"

Yuncho "Unlike Rough 1, it's a person-based rough. I wanted to draw Sukajan, so I thought about the background and composition according to the costume."

Both of the two proposals were nice and rough because they felt "art", but I decided on Rough 2 so that the brightness can be seen even on a small screen, and asked for detailed retakes such as colors and themes. The image is the final decision rough.

Yuncho "I draw line drawings while being careful not to go crazy. I draw only line characters, I will draw the clothes patterns later."

Yuncho "Since it was completed to some extent from the rough stage, I will correct some places and add dirt to the concrete."

Yuncho "I will paint with reference to clothing materials. I try to keep in mind the light and darkness."

Yuncho "Because it's the illustration for May, I've put a carp streamer and nemophila embroidery on the character's jacket to remind me of May. The rest is done by adjusting the colors.

◆ Application Guidelines for "GIGAZINE Manga Award"

・ When you serialize manga on GIGAZINE …?

・ Complete remote & work timing

・ Since the serialized manga is posted on GIGAZINE, you can read it first

・ There is no strict deadline and it is easy to schedule

・ No restrictions on genres and targets, anything is OK if it is interesting

・ Completion of assistants who can entrust you with coloring and background (no need to pay your own expenses)

・ Because it is a young label, it's easy to get opinions and requests like a venture company!

etc. If you have other questions like "How is this?"Click herePlease contact us for anything.

・ Basic conditions:

・ It is assumed that you can read it even with a smartphone (no spreads, vertical scroll standard)

・ Full color, full digital (black and white are treated as "original")

・ Free of genreFinished manuscriptAnd itsMaking materialsTo be. For the making materials, in addition to character design and settings, please send a synopsis of the entire story in the range of 200 to 800 characters. Please note that the application may not be able to proceed if there are insufficient entries.

・ Original format:

The aspect ratio, file size, and resolution are "Princess and gamerPlease refer to.

-Number of originals:

freedom. Any page is OK.

・ Other:

・ Primary creation that has already been announced on other media and platforms

-A work that was published in a magazine but was not published in a book or was discontinued due to unreasonable circumstances on the way is also acceptable. Please do not give up.

・ "Drawing only" is OK if you can show the URL of the portfolio and the collection of works. For those that passed the first stage examination, we will have you actually draw a trial original in the second stage examination, and after passing, we will go to the final stage voting examination.

·The deadline:

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 23:59:59

・ Review process:

After the first selection by the editorial department, the following screening process is planned.

Stage 1:GIGAZINE secret clubEvaluation in a closed environment that only members can view + evaluation including making materials by the editorial department

Stage 2: In a format that is more conscious of serialization, the additional examinations will be made after adding the necessary items such as "Manuscript of Episode 1" and "Plot to the final episode". At the stage we have reached this point, we promise to serialize in some form.

Final stage: Examination by the GIGAZINE editor-in-chief with serialized manuscript +GIGAZINE secret clubEvaluation by members + guest screenings of artists serialized on GIGAZINE will be conducted to comprehensively determine the grand prize winner. In addition, we will assure serialization when it remains in the final stage.

・ Reward:

In commemoration of the new development of GIGAZINE Manga from March 2020, the rewards including the prize amount have been renewed as follows. Since it has been clarified, including the question "How far can I proceed to serialize?", Please do not miss it. The left side of the arrow is the conventional setting, and the right side is the reward from March 2020.

All passed the first screening and selected for the first stage:
Prize money 10,000 yen → Prize money 30,000 yen

Second stage entry:
Additional prize money of 20,000 yen → Additional prize money of 20,000 yen + editing in charge for serialization

Prize money only when winning or winning the prize → Additional prize money of 50,000 yen (100,000 yen in total) at the final stage advancement + serialization commitment after brushing up the submitted works

Prize money 50,000 yen → Prize money 100,000 yen + serial commitment

Grand Prize:
Prize money 100,000 yen → Prize money of 500,000 yen + serialized commitment with the submitted work as it is

・ Results of selection of submitted works

For works that go through the first stage screening, we will contact the e-mail address at the time of application by the end of the month following the application month for details of the screening.
In other cases, please note that we do not basically notify the examination results.

・ Flow after winning

After finishing the serialization on GIGAZINE, it will be made into an electronic book and sold on Amazon. We will pay the prescribed manuscript fee and royalty respectively. GIGAZINE is responsible for selling and advertising electronic books.

・ Question acceptance form:

If you have any questions about applyingClick hereIf you have any questions, please contact us. If similar questions continue, we will summarize them as a FAQ, so please understand and cooperate.

・ Manga Award application form:

Click here

◆ Original script recruitment guidelines

Episode 1 manuscriptIn addition to,Plot from episode 1 to final episode (synopsis)Please prepare together. Synopsis Please describe in detail the flow of the whole work, from 100 to 800 characters, and write it on the first page of the manuscript.

・ In the first screening, we will look at the fun of a simple story and the completeness of one story. If you proceed from the second screening to the final screening, we will judge whether you can consistently create a script written in G up to the final story, in consideration of actually creating the original manga.

・ In the case of "Original only" and only text is applied, it is okay if the address of the shared link is entered in the application form after pasting the text in Google Docs. In that case, please do not edit the document after applying.

Click here for application form

There is "GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) Closed Judgment" in the selection process for the Manga Award. Not only GSC members but also those who are not yet members, please take this opportunity to become a member of GSC and witness the birth of future masterpieces. To register for GIGAZINE Secret ClubHereFrom.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from creators. Thank you.

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