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Glamping facility opens at Izu Cactus Animal Park Group Official Hotel!


The glamping facility opened on February 16, 2020 [Sunday], at the official hotel "Izu Cactus Village", which was created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Izu Cactus Zoo.

■ Glamping to enjoy camping comfortably with one body

"Glamping" is a coined word combining "Glamorous" and "Camping", meaning luxurious camp. The upscale outdoor experience that combines the real pleasure of camping with nature and the comfort of a hotel is now attracting attention around the world.

The newly opened "Grand Ping Izu Cactus Village" is adjacent to the official hotel "Petit Hotel", which is located a "0 minute walk to the Izu Cactus Zoological Park". It overlooks the monument "Omuroyama" and is located at one of the best scenic spots in Izu Kogen. Why don't you enjoy the glamorous “Glamping”, which combines a play experience at a resort, such as interacting with animals, and a luxurious outdoor experience on a nature rich plateau.

The dome tent has a double wall. It keeps the room comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. The biggest feature is a cabin-type bathroom connected to a dome tent [10.61㎡ separate bath and toilet]. Thereby, there is no inconvenience of moving to the outside for hand washing or washing, and private can be further secured. In addition, the space inside the dome, which is about 28.26 square meters, can be used spaciously to stick to stylish space effects such as furniture and interiors.

Glamping Izu Cactus Village

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