Global smartphone shipments in 2022 Q1 fell 8.9% to 3.4470 million units

According to IDC estimates, smartphone shipments in 2022 Q1 fell 8.9% (down 3,060 million units) year-on-year to 34,470 million units.Press Release).

smartphone shipments COVID-19 pandemicThe beginning of 2020、q1andq2However, the largest decline was recorded in a row in a row.、Q4Since then, it has increased.2021 q3Since then, it has been reduced again due to supply shortages.Strong demand continuedHowever, in 2022 Q1, demand also weakened globally.

Consumption is cooling worldwide, particularly in China, due to strong concerns about inflation and economic instability.and the cost of components, the cost of transportation, the cost of transportation, the cost of transportation, the cost of transportation, the cost of transportation, the cost of transportation, the cost ofLockdown in Shanghaiand even moreRussian invasion of UkraineMany OEMs are adopting a more conservative growth strategy.

By region, the decline in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) was large, with a decrease of nearly 20%, but on a unit basis it was only 6-7% worldwide and on a sales basis it was only 5%.On the other hand, the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for nearly half of global shipments, declined by 12.3%.the same day, idc announcedq1 Estimates of Smartphone Shipments in ChinaAccording to the data, sales fell by 14.1% (down 1,210 million units) to 7,420 million units.

By vendor, Apple, which ranked 2nd, increased by 120 million units to 5,650 million units from the same quarter last year, and the share also increased by 2.0 points to 18.0%, except that the Top 5 fell across the board.Still, Samsung, which ranked No. 1, fell 90 million units to 7,360 million units, and the share increased 1.8 points to 23.4%.In 3rd place or lower, Xiaomi is followed by 3,990 million units (-870 million units), OPPO is followed by 2,740 million units (-1,010 million units), and vivo is followed by 2,530 million units (-970 million units).OPPO and vivo will have lost nearly 2021 Q1 shipments of 3/1.

The smartphone market in recent years has been dominated by oligopolies by top vendors, but in the 1st quarter, the total number of users under 6th place decreased by 250 million units to 9,140 million units, and the share increased to 29.1% (up 1.9 percentage points).By the way, in the Chinese market, OPPO-Honor-vivo-Apple-Xiaomi order.Honor only increased by 1,000 million units to 1,350 million units, others including Apple decreased significantly.OPPO and vivo account for half of shipments in China, while Apple and Xiaomi account for more than 20% in China. 

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