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GM and Macho SUV "Hummer" to return to 2022 as an electric pickup truck. Scheduled commercial at Super Bowl-Engadget Japan version

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Hummer, the GM's genuine and robust SUV that had disappeared in 2010, will be revived as an electric vehicle. GM, which was producing Hummer, announced plans to revive Hummer in 2022 as a battery-powered pickup truck. At the Super Bowl next month, a commercial featuring NBA star LeBron James will be played.
Speaking of the Hummer, the SUV was originally tailored to the general public at the request of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger from the U.S. Army M998 four-wheel drive mini general-purpose vehicle, commonly known as "Hanvy". Later, H2 and H3 based on GM Chevrolet pickup trucks were released, and imported and sold in Japan.

However, GM considered selling one brand, Hummer, as sales of off-road models with poor fuel economy were sluggish due to soaring oil prices starting around 2006. Although not sold as a result, its production was discontinued in 2010.

The Wall Street Journal reports that GM plans to "reinvent" Hummer as a single pickup truck for off-road lovers. The new model will be released as the first model in the electric SUV / pickup truck lineup that GM plans to launch under the GMC brand, which is part of GM's pickup truck division.

Last year, Schwarzenegger, who is eager to tackle environmental issues, played a comical last year's salesman who eagerly recommends a hummer that emits vague exhaust gas in an advertising commercial promoting EV spread last year. . It's hard to believe that the hummer will be back on the forefront of eco-cars, but Tesla announces the Cybertruck, Ford is pushing ahead with plans to convert the F-150 to EV, and emerging Rivian is drawing attention. It seems to be the right time for Hummer to announce a revival as a popular SUV / pickup truck.


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