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Healthy menu recipe suggestion app provided by DMM.comMENUS by DMM.com”Won a category award in“ Hidden Masterpieces ”of“ Google Play Best of 2019 ”.

A strong ally when deciding on a daily menu!

“MENUS” is an application that proposes a menu that suits you from over 4 million menus supervised by a registered dietitian based on personal information such as gender and weight.

It is possible to use it according to your personalization, such as physical condition management such as anemia and coldness, suggestion of menu based on prevention of diseases such as hypertension / diabetes / hay fever, and menu of using refrigerators too much.

In September 2019, a function for proposing an optimal health menu based on information for the entire family was also released. In December 2019, the function exceeded 1.4 million DL. From users

“It's a simple and tasty nutritious menu, so you can rely on it.”

“God app to think about menu!”

The “Hidden Masterpiece Category” was awarded as “an app that is still new but quietly grabbing the user's mind. I was also satisfied.

If you are a person living alone and are apt to worry about your daily menu, please try out “MENUS” and experience the functions that won the “Hidden Masterpieces” category!

MENUS by DMM.com (Menus) ・ A sales agency: DMM.com LLC
・ DL price when posting: Free
・ Category: Healthcare / Fitness
・ Capacity: 103.1 MB
・ Version: 6.19.1
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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