good news! Ferrari plant scheduled to return to full production on May 8

In line with the Italian government's recent policy, it was announced that Ferrari will gradually restart its Maranello and Modena plants on May 4 and return to full production on Friday, May 8.

In preparation for the resumption, Ferrari will start a period named "Installation lap" in order to compare the operation confirmation laps performed in the race, and carry out safety education mainly for employees.

This is in parallel with the program “Back on Track”, which introduces state-of-the-art methods to protect the health of employees. Learn the best precautions you need to take to avoid health risks.

Ferrari will check at the entrance of each work area, supply personal protective equipment and set rules for sharing common areas. In addition to changing work environments, it also provides the best tools for a smooth, safe return to work, such as an optional serological test for employees before returning to work.

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