"Good tailoring" caused by 510 professionals and sheet metal professionals forming a tag | 70 year model Datsun Bluebird 1300 DX Vol.3

The Datsun Bluebird 1300 DX has a smoothing structure that hides unnecessary wiring.
The engine room has a unique finish that is unique to Refresh 60, which is based on the principle of "creating a beautiful car."

It is said that the FJ20 type does not generate more power than the L type, but since the intake and exhaust are cross-flowed, the cab does not pick up the heat of the exhaust manifold, and the ride quality of the 4-valve twin cam can be enjoyed with 510. There are also major benefits. It may be an older engine compared to the SR20 type, etc., and the head cover has an old design, so it may be important not to be too modern.

The fact that 510 professionals and sheet metal professionals formed a tag was the true identity of "good tailoring" drifting from this car, but it was realized by the owner's extraordinary passion. The 510 is a good example of an old car that adults can enjoy.

SPECIFICATION 70 year model Datsun Bluebird 1300 DX
-Engine: FJ20 type 2.1L specification, Kameari φ91mm forged piston, Auto Service Watanabe chromoly con rod, 70 degree cam, port processing
Intake system: Weber 45DCOE9
Exhaust system: φ45mm octopus foot, φ60mm muffler
Drive system: Chromoly flywheel, 71C mission, R180LSD
Suspension: F:GC10 strut modified vehicle harmonics [9kg spring], pillow tension rod, pillow upper, 25mm roll center adapter R:16kg spring, TRD shock modified, urethane bushes for each part
Brake: F: Brembo caliper, 280mm bench rotor, 7/8 master cylinder
Wheels: Hayashi Street F:7J×15+13, R:8J×15±0
Tires: Dunlop DIREZZA F:195/50R15 R:205/50R15
Exterior: Galeji Altia air dam type spoiler, eternal body one-off aluminum bonnet
●Interior: Bench seat

See all images, including the engine room with FJ20

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