Google Cloud CEO Thomas Crian says that the "cloud" is changing with the new coronavirus

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Google Cloud CEO Thomas Crian says that the "cloud" is changing with the new coronavirus

Google CloudofCEOIs the originalOracleExecutiveThomas CleanHe said that overseas technical mediaProtocol”, And talks about how the cloud should be in the situation where the spread of new coronavirus infections is spreading.

Google ’s Thomas Kurian on COVID-19 and the cloud battle-Protocol

Krian was named Chief Executive Officer of Google Cloud in 2018, recognizing her experience as an Oracle executive. With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Google Cloud is continuing to seek new business standards with its customers. With the refraining from going out to control the spread of infection, the demand for cloud from retailers shifts from "management of in-store inventory" to "digital sales"
Overnight, municipalities around the world are struggling to provide mission-critical systems that are maintained with outdated technology, Crian said.

In response to the question "How was Google affected by the new coronavirus infection?", Clearn said, "The first step was to ensure the safety of our employees." He said the first priority was to switch employees to work from home.

After ensuring the safety of employees, "Google has helped organizations all over the world to help their citizens for the government and health for medical institutions. Crian said,A system to help the unemployed in New YorkThe development of is taken as an example. In addition, it is also collaborating with the government and medical institutions in analyzing the gene pattern of the new coronavirus and identifying the cure for infectious diseases.

In response to the question "Is there any change in how you use Google Cloud?" "The demand from" accommodation "and" theme parks "has increased, Clian said. In these industries,Data centerofDepreciationButFixed costAs a result, the severe business situation due to refraining from going out is being weighed heavily, and there are voices who are considering switching to the cloud. It is said that the number of inquiries is decreasing due to the refraining from going out, and there is also a circumstance that it is easy to move.

Also in the United StatesSmall Business AdministrationRelated to the new coronavirus to be implemented byLoan programDemand for financial institutions' cloud services is increasing, including the response to Crian says the power of technology is needed to handle the proliferation of procedures at financial institutions.

"Google says that it will soon terminate services that do not have enough customersreputationBut how do you ensure that new customers who rely on Google in a difficult situation will be served for a long time? “ The Google Cloud Terms of Service are the same as other competing services, and like our competitors, we can't terminate them without notifying us in due time, '' Clearne said. Is the answer.

Google has invested heavily in the cloud business since around 2018, and has been forced to exceed either or both Amazon and Microsoft with a deadline of 2023.News“There is nothing wrong with saying that everything is wrong,” said Mr. Klearn, who is taking a negative stance on business expansion through acquisitions.

Why should Google beat Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud by 2023? -GIGAZINE

"The best partnerships are the ones that are tested in the most difficult situations, and we continue to bring as much business to our partners as possible," Krian said.

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