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Google gives YouTube Nest Mini to YouTube paid members-Engadget Japan edition

Google distributes coupon codes that free the second-generation smart speaker Google Nest Mini to subscribers of paid subscriptions such as YouTube Premium.

Eligible for those who have subscribed to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Music personal plan, student discount plan, and family plan as of December 4th. I will not be able to join anymore.

It seems that an email with a coupon is sent when you launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.Campaign siteYou can also get it directly by accessing (if you are not eligible, it will be displayed).

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<p>YouTube Premium is 1180 yen per month. On the other hand, Google Nest Mini is 6050 yen, so it's a great deal.</p>
<p>You can choose from four colors: Charcoal, Coral, Chalk, and Sky. Even those who have already purchased Google Nest Mini can play stereo playback using two devices.</p>
<p>Coupons can be exchanged until 16:59 (Japan time) on January 24, 2020.</p>
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