"Google Map" iOS version also has a secret mode added

”In“ Google Map ”for“ iOS ”version, you can use the secret mode to stop saving the searched or moved location to Google account. Google ’s dated 9 DecemberBlog postIt was revealed in The “Android” version of Google Maps had a secret mode added in October.

According to the blog, in secret mode, personalized information such as recommended restaurants on the map is not displayed. Since the location history is not updated, the places visited on the map are not saved in the timeline.

To turn on incognito mode on Apple devices such as iPhone, open Google Maps, tap the circle in the upper right corner to display your account information, and from the menu that appears, turn on incognito mode Select “ON”.

Turn on incognito mode

Turn on incognito mode
Provided by Google

In Android version, a function to select location history on the timeline and delete it at once will be added in January.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleEdited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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