Google Photos, $ 8 / month subscription to automatically select and send the best photos

Google is expanding its Google Photos printing service for those who want to keep their memories in photo prints. The company is piloting a $ 8 / month subscription program that sends 10 photo prints, "automatically selected from the last 30 days of photos."9to5GoogleReported.


Provided by Sarah Tew / CNET

Users can select one of three themes, people and pets, landscapes, or “all by little” and adjust the automatic selection. Google sends you photos printed on matte white cardstock. It measures 4 x 6 inches [about 10 x 15 cm] and has a 1/8 inch [about 3 mm] edge. The pilot is currently being conducted only in the United States. Google has not responded to a request for comment on expanding the reach of the service.

If you don't need a new subscription service, Google will begin printing photo prints directly to Walmart or CVS Pharmacy in the US in September 2019.orderI can do it.

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