“Google Play” tightens policy for subscription apps-clarifies conditions and cancellation methods

Google announced on April 16th that it will revise the policy of apps that offer subscription [flat-rate] services for the "Google Play" app store for "Android" smartphones.

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The new rule requires app developers to be more transparent about their subscription terms. This includes, for example, adding instructions for free trials, trial offers, and more, and clearly stating how to manage and cancel your subscription.

The purpose is to prevent fraudulent subscription services. At times, these services continue to charge unexpectedly and confuse users. From now on, it will be necessary to specify whether a subscription is required to use all [or some] of the app's features. In addition, it is required to inform the charge and the frequency of billing in advance and, in the case of a free trial, the functions included and the timing when the trial period ends. Developers will be given grace until June 16 to comply with the new rules.

App screen showing subscription conditions

Need to clarify the terms of the subscription
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Google has been exposed to unexpected criticism over the unexpected charges charged in the Google Play store. In 2014, children were able to make in-app purchases without parental permission,Return over 19 million dollars [about 2 billion yen at that rate]It was agreed with the US Federal Trade Commission [FTC]. Google was also forced to change the way it obtained consent for in-app purchases.

Google also announced on the 16th that the restrictions on location data will be tightened. App developers will now have to get permission to collect background location information while the app is running. The company first announced this change in February.

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