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Google publishes list of alternative search engines for Android offered in EU-Engadget Japan

Google Bing
In July 2018, the European Commission informed Google of an antitrust breach on Android.A fine of approximately 4.3 billion euros [approximately 523.5 billion yen]Ordered payment. In response, Google has set a default search engine in the EU.Selectable from other than GoogleThe list of search engines that EU users can select has been made public, with the announcement that the implementation will start on March 1.

Other than Google, there are three search engines to choose from, which vary by EU country. That said, DuckDuckGo and are on the list in every country, with the other one varying by country, such as GMX, Qwant, and PrivacyWall. Surprisingly, Bing is only available in the UK.


This list is not arbitrarily chosen by Google or ranked by popularity, but is determined by the bidding method. That is,Offer more money to GoogleThat's why the three services are listed. The reason that Bing is only adopted in the UK may be the result of Microsoft's focus on the UK where Bing is popular and can be used effectively.

Also, the options will be changed every four months. If you enter the options, the name recognition is likely to increase, but if only Google is eventually selected, the service participating in the bid may change


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