Google released a movie that looks back on 2019 heroes & heroines


Google released a movie that looks back on 2019 heroes & heroines

A movie that summarizes the heroes & heroines that worked and encouraged people while looking back on the events that happened in 2019 in GoogleGoogle — Year in Search 2019"Has been released. Many articles made in GIGAZINE have also appeared, and you can look back on the whole year with "This happened in 2019".

Google — Year in Search 2019-YouTube

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“In an uncertain era, the world seeks heroes”

“Search for“ heroes ”surged in 2019,” Google started a movie that looks back on heroes and heroines in 2019.

The search word “What heroes are there in the world?”Update box office world recordMovieAvengers / End Game"Ironman" Tony Stark.

In addition, the same Marvel movie “Captain Marvel"Also.

The US Coast Guard rescue operation in the Bahamas …

A mat made of ski fence helps a boy who has been suspended from a suspended liftVideo.

Kenya ’s first full marathon run for 2 hoursEliud KipchogePlayers …

Filmed at an event called “Event Horizon Telescope”, which aims to capture black hole shadows.Black hole imageAlso appeared.

A blind runner who ran a full marathon with a guide dog companion …

The figure of Nicola Mayu, who lost in the third round of the men's singles at the French Open. MayuA moment of comfort and embrace a 7-year-old sonThe video that has attracted the impression in the world.

Finally, the Netflix original drama that was broadcastStranger Things Unknown World 3"One scene …"

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019The moment the American national team that won the championship raises the trophy.

Finally the end was reached.Game of Thrones(Aria Stark) appearing in (Game of Thrones).

Not only heroes and heroines were searched, but also their fathers and mothers were spotlighted.

A girl who happily talks with her father while playing with her father.

"Father talking about a drama with a 19-month-old baby" posted on Facebook and played more than 62 million timesmovie.

The search word “flying superhero” is entered, and figure skatingYuzuru HanyuPlayers appear.

In addition, the heroes and heroines of all ages and young people are shown flying in the sky in a wide variety of ways.

"What is a hero?"

"Hero without a cloak"

“How to become a hero?”

A movie that a 2-year-old Avengers fan is surprised to see “ Hulk's transformation scene '' for the first timeAnd …

Held in JapanRugby World Cup 2019The South African national team is celebrating.

Images of two little boys embracing each other …

Which occurred in April 2019,Large-scale fire at Notre Dame CathedralOf firefighters doing their best in the fire fighting activities.

Has played the popular character Big Bird for about 50 years since the start of the programCarol SpinneySesame Street where she passed away.

There are also many other impressive videos with laughter and tears.

I made the world with the “small method”SmallThe figure of Marie Kondo.

"To all who give courage to people"

"let's search"

At the end, the Google logo is displayed and the movie ends.

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