Google removes about 600 malicious adware from Google Play

Google plans to crack down on rogue "Android" app developers that violate the rules of the app store "Google Play" by displaying out-of-app ads on February 20 Revealed.

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外 Out-of-app ads are ads that are delivered from one app and displayed on the front of another app or on the home screen of a device. Users don't know exactly where the ad came from.

Prior to the entry into force of the new advertising rules, Google removed approximately 600 apps from Google Play on the same day and banned its use by developers.

Google also excluded these app developers from Google Play, as well as the ad monetization platforms Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager. This additional ban also effectively prevents app developers from monetizing apps outside of Google Play.

Per Bjorke, senior product manager for ad traffic quality at Google, said he noticed a new technique used by app developers to display out-of-app ads, and that he stepped in as a company.explained.

"Recently, we have developed an innovative machine learning-based method for detecting out-of-context ads, which has led to the measures announced today," he said.

Google also said it would continue to crack down on those who violated advertising rules. In addition, ensure that the Google Play and Android advertising ecosystem remains healthyThree-step planWas also explained.

First, Google says it plans to continue regulating out-of-app ads. The company views out-of-app ads as a particularly malicious form of annoying and confusing behavior to users, as well as dangerous and fraudulent exploitation of advertising costs.

We will also release better tools to help app developers comply with industry regulations.

Last but not least, the Android OS itself will be reworked to minimize the disruption users experience in the app experience and control what is displayed on the screen.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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