Google reveals 2,000 people removing bias from products

は Google will have more than 2,000 employees on January 9, U.S. time to ensure that products are not biased by traits such as race or age.Inclusion Promotion Group"And made it clear.

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グ ル ー プ This group is not organized as a single team, but is scattered throughout the company and incorporated into various teams. Group members are responsible for communicating their opinions and perspectives on the product under development.

Google announced this at CES, the world's largest consumer technology trade fair in Las Vegas. Earlier this week, Google announced a new feature of its digital concierge software, Google Assistant. Updates will offer new ways to book tasks for smart home products, and the ability to speak aloud through articles and blog posts naturally.

Annie Jean-Baptiste, responsible for product inclusion at Google, said on a blog: "We ask ourselves: Is this product considered for all races? Does it make sense for people living in different parts of the world? Is it useful for people of all ages?"

Is heDigital TrendsAccording to an interview with the website, engineer Peter Sherman noticed that the camera installed in the company's “ Pixel '' smartphone may not be able to accurately express dark skin color. It was said that it was the opportunity to strengthen diversity initiatives.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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