Google unveils new service to learn hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt

Google is a service that allows you to learn to read and write hieroglyphs [hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt],"Fabricius"Released. Fabricius will start on July 15th,"Google Arts & Culture"Available for free on our website and apps.

When you select the "Learn" tab on Fabricius, an Egyptologist character will guide you through six stages for learning hieroglyphs. If you select the "Play" tab, you can use your knowledge to translate your message into a hieroglyph and share it with your friends and family.

Google is a video game set in the Australian Egyptology Center of Macquarie University, Digital Production Company Psycle Interactive, Ptolemaic Egypt"Assassin's Creed Origins"Fabricus was developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, the developer, and Egyptian researchers around the world.

Program manager for Google Arts & CultureChance CoughenourHe argues that Fabricius is more than just read-write content. "So far, researchers have had to struggle with the books they had accumulated to decipher and translate ancient languages. It's an approach that has made little progress for over a century," he said. He pointed out that "Fabricius is equipped with the first digital tool to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs by machine learning", and he said that Fabricius could also contribute to expert research. Previously, it required a huge amount of work to create a machine learning model for decoding hieroglyphs, but Google's "AutoML Vision" makes it easier.

Open SourcePublished in. Google says Fabricius may support other ancient languages ​​in the future.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleIs edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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