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Google "Pixel 5", a 5G compatible smartphone announced by Google. Although it is Google's flagship without "a", it is talked about that the performance of the model is now in the middle range.

This time we will review the Pixel 5 with such pros and cons. I will tell you the good points and bad points that you can understand only when you hold it in your hand!

"Pixel 5" actual machine review. It feels like a "stone"

The first impression of the Pixel 5 is that it's smaller than I expected. The display is 6 inches, which is big enough, but it looks the same as the 5.7-inch Pixel 4a I reviewed last time.

The housing, which uses aluminum as the material, feels like a stone. It's definitely more luxurious than the Pixel 4a. However, there is also the impression that a little plastic feeling remains in appearance. Since it is matte black, it may be a little unavoidable.

The thin bezel 6-inch display is the best! 90Hz is no longer required

The overwhelming thinness of the bezel can be seen by turning on the display! Just like the left and right bezels, the Pixel 5 also maintains the same thinness on the top and bottom bezels. In particular, the lower bezel is a part that is thick enough to be called a "chin" on most smartphones, so it is wonderful to make it thinner.

The best thing about the Pixel 5 is that it combines the compactness of this housing with the large 6-inch screen. The size is really good and there are no big notches in the way.

And the display supports 90Hz refresh rate. Compared to a 60Hz smartphone, the feeling of operation is an order of magnitude different. It may be safe to say that the high refresh rate function is essential for the flagship.

It looks thick in the photo, but it's actually quite thin.

Uses an innovative "hidden stereo speaker". But the sound quality is not good

I can't find a speaker hole for a call on the top of the Pixel 5's extra-fine bezel. Of course, it's not that it's not installed, and there is a speaker inside under the display.

Since it is used for both call and media playback, it also supports stereo playback together with the speaker mounted at the bottom (this has a hole). Stereo speakers are now a must.

However, when I try to play music on YouTube, the sound quality of the upper speaker is obviously inferior. It's enough for calls, but I'd like to have another independent speaker for media playback if possible.

There is no speaker hole

The goodness of Pixel 5, a "Google-like" smartphone that you can understand by using it

Overall, I felt that the Pixel 5 was the perfect 5G smartphone for everyday use! The simple design and thin bezel make you feel like Google, and the sense of unity between the UI and the device is wonderful.

The price of Pixel 5 starts from about 75,000 yen. It's a bit high for the middle range, but this satisfaction is unique to the Pixel 5. We are planning to review the evolved Pixel 5 camera in the future, so please use it as a reference when purchasing!

Click here for details on Pixel 5 →Google Pixel 5 Google's Ultimate 5G Smartphone – Google Store

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