Gouriki Ayame “feelings remain”

ZOZO founder Maezawa, the actress who appeared on TOKYO FM “Skyrocket Company” [Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm], actress Goro Ayame [27] on October 10 and Manbo Yashiro [43] is personality I revealed that my feelings towards Tomosaku [44] remained.

When asked if he was going to make a kanji in 2019, he answered, “Is“ Love ”just coming out?” Yashiro, referring to his own romance experience that had an encounter that changed his view of life, he said to him, “If you can't meet the love you ca n’t work, you ’ll have a life. “I do n’t think anyone would want to convey my love. But I do n’t want to lie.” “I looked back,” he said.

Also, when Yashiro confirms the relationship with Maezawa, “I'm done now,” he said, “It ’s over, but it ’s still my feelings.” Revealed unskilled. When Yashiro repeatedly asked "Yes", he answered "Yes".

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