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Seven-ElevenHas released an attractive bread called "Morimori Mushroom Brown Stick"! ‥
Mushroom bread seems a little unusual… I was intrigued and bought it! ――

What about Morimori? ‥

I bought it immediately! Since it's called Morimori, I would expect how much mushrooms there are.
Mushrooms are high in fiber and nutritious, so many people buy them for cooking at home. However, I had no idea how to make bread! ‥
It looks delicious because I saw plenty of toasted cheese…! Then, I'll try to eat. ‥

Sideways bread! ‥

When I put it on a plate, it was a stick-shaped bread that lays sideways! And the amount of this mushroom! I'm definitely riding.
Since it is a side dish, I thought it would be better to warm it up and tried toasting it. Then, the good smell of mayonnaise burnt came out! ‥

If you look closely, parmesan cheese, parsley and pepper are also topped, so you can enjoy the scent again.
Let's eat a bite!

Mushroom texture is GOOD! ‥

Puck… oh-mayonnaise is juicy! It really fits with mushrooms! ‥
The salty taste is delicious by combining the flavor of toasted mayonnaise and the crispy texture of mushrooms.
This stick-shaped bread has a soft and fluffy texture! ‥

Mushrooms are foods that people like and dislike, but it's a bread that we recommend if you like mushrooms because you can eat this much. The crunchy and crunchy feeling is irresistible.
However, taste mayonnaise and cheese are stronger, so I think that people who are not good at mushrooms can easily eat it♪

Recommended for evening bread

Because the prepared bread is made with nutritious mushrooms, I thought it would be good for busy people to have bread for dinner (night bread).
The combination of mushrooms, mayonnaise and cheese is not delicious! ♪ It is recommended that you can eat it with plenty of ingredients.
It's a sticky bread that is easy to eat with one hand, so it's a product that anyone who is busy getting back into work should definitely pick up.

This mushroom stick,Seven-ElevenAccording to their homepage, they use two types of mushrooms. As far as I can see, it is Maitake and Enoki! ‥
I'm happy to put it on Morimori, but since I personally like mushrooms, I thought I'd like to have two more types.
For example, if you have a product with a punch like "Mushroom All-Star Stick" with mushrooms and eringi, I definitely buy it! ‥

Anyway, this stick bread with two kinds of mushrooms has a good taste with mayonnaise and GOOD, and the texture of the mushrooms is GOOD. ‥

Seven-ElevenIt was an introduction of the newly released "Morimori Mushroom Brown Stick". If you like mushrooms, there are so many mushrooms you can't miss, so please check it out! ‥

Menu: Mori Mori mushroom mushroom stick
Price: 148 yen (159 yen including tax)
Official site:Morimori mushroom brown stick

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