Governor Koike talks with Chairman Mori 交換 Exchange information including torch relay

Following the spread of the new coronavirus, Governor Yuriko Koike of Tokyo met with Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, in Tokyo on the 2nd.

After a talk of about 30 minutes, Mr. Koike, interviewed by the reporters, said, “ We will explain the measures for new corona measures in the city, exchange information on the upcoming torch relay, the sense of schedule for the ignition ceremony, etc., and move forward. I shared the consciousness. " When asked, "Did you confirm that you are working in a perfect manner?"

Meanwhile, John Coates, chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the International Olympic Committee [IOC], which oversees the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, exchanged opinions that the decision to hold the Olympics should be made within three months. Denied, "There was no today."

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