"" that visualizes how members' assets are fluctuating

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"" that visualizes how members' assets are fluctuating

A site that visualizes how the assets of a specific legislator fluctuate by combining public information such as "what stocks the legislator holds in stock" and transaction data.GovTrades.comIs published.

When you open the site, the line graph that you can see first shows the movement of the senator's assets until May 2020 when January 2014 is set to "0% (no change)". Data isSenator Economic Disclosure DatabaseIt also includes information about people who have been non-members for less than six years. The orange color is the stock index S&P 500, and the green color is the average of all members. If you select an individual member, it will be displayed in blue. By default in May 2020Resigned Senate Information Committee ChairmanOf North CarolinaRichard BarA member of parliament is selected.

I cut out only the part from 2019 to 2020. The large drop in the graph in 2020 is due to the effect of the new coronavirus. Rep. Bar is being investigated by the FBI for selling out his shares before the market crash due to the spread of the virus. About this allegation GovTrades.comAnother articleIn February, the sale timing, stocks, and returns all "indicate a possibility that there was an information advantage."

The largest increase in assets since 2014 is from Kansas.Pat RobertsCongressman.

The largest decline in wealth was from WashingtonMaria CantwellI was a member of parliament.

Below the graph is a table showing which members hold what stocks and how many. You can narrow down the search by item such as the member of the Diet, the amount held, and the brand. For example,Susan CollinsParliamentarians are expected to hold approximately $38 million worth of 3M shares. The "forecast" is because the stockholding amount is shown in a range like "300,000 yen to 500,000 yen" and the median value "400,000 yen" is used in the calculation. It is important to note that the original data is disclosed not only to the members themselves, but also to the "stock owned as a household" including spouses.

Congressman Pat Roberts, who has increased assets since 2014, holds Netflix shares and others, and I understand the reason for the increase.

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