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GPD WIN2 is about 40,000 yen, sold by Bic Camera mail order and sale is on sale-Engadget Japan version

BicCamera is holding "Selling Tsukushi Sale" by Web mail order. Basically, as can be inferred from the name of the sale, the limited stock items are sold at a special price, so the type of sale where you can see bargains.

At the time of writing, Sony's completely wireless earphone "WF-1000X" "WF-1000X" was 11,800 yen [including tax + 10% BIC point reduction], and the ultra-compact PC for GPD games "GPD WIN2" was 3 There are some products that seem to be very affordable, such as 9,800 yen [same as above], so it's worth checking them out.Biccamera_Sale

The products targeted this time are wide-ranging like major retailers, such as home appliances, audiovisual products, notebook PCs and accessories. Here are some of the products that have caught my attention.

First, Sony's completely wireless earphone "WF-1000X". As introduced at the beginning, it is 11,800 yen including tax, and it is eligible for 10% point reduction. Along with the original AirPods, it is a popular model that led the market expansion of the genre.

Currently, the successor model, the "WF-1000XM3", which has greatly enhanced the active noise canceling [ANC] function, has become popular, but this first model has a weaker ANC function than the M3, but the sound quality As for, it is still a level that can be used enough.

In this price range, there is almost no ANC-equipped model for other products, so the bargain price seems to be quite good. However, it should be noted that the delay is relatively large [even if it is reduced by the update] from the current viewpoint, and the special case is large.


Next is GPD's ultra-compact PC "GPD WIN2". Core m3-7Y30 is mounted on the CPU, RAM is 8GB, and the storage is a serial ATA / M.2 shape SSD.

Among the GPD products known for ultra-compact PCs, the keyboards are ultra-compact because they belong to the WIN series for game applications.

Unlike the Pocket series, which balances the size of the keyboard [to some extent], in order to handle it only as a PC, tips and divisions are necessary in various ways … but a model with fun for that reason is.

Even with the recent low cost of PCs in the first place, it is also true that the Core m3 and 8GB RAM models are relatively inexpensive at the point where they cost less than 40,000 yen. If you were worried, but you were thinking about the surprising height of the price threshold [which became difficult to obtain], why not consider it again?


And in a sense, what you can't miss is the Japanese layout / RAM 6GB / storage 128GB model of the smartphone "Cosmo Communicator" equipped with the full QWRETY keyboard handled by Planet Computers.

The selling price is 74,480 yen [including tax], which is not inexpensive at the level of smartphones, but the actual selling price of other stores is at a level of 100,000 yen or more, and it is a type of model that had almost no discount until now , It's a great deal in terms of bargain.

This model is equipped with MediaTek "Helio P70" on the SoC, and the key is small enough to fit the main body, but its structure is serious. The key arrangement is much closer to a PC keyboard than a micro PC, so if you get used to it, you can input long texts.

In addition, Cosmo is also a respectable current machine because the successor to 5G “Astro Slide 5G Transformer” is currently crowdfunding.


What's not to be missed in these deals are accessories for slightly older smartphones and tablets.

This time, the main body is old and it is not compatible with the current product … For the reason, genuine silicon case for iPad mini 4 is sold for 500 yen. If you follow the trend of Apple products, you will know that the genuine Apple case is one coin, which is a price level that you can not see even if it is a model drop.

For those who use the main body for family use, such a sale is very bargain when it fits into a key point. Even those who have been using it since its release, why not check it out like a "repair part"?

Also, with Apple products, you can see bargains on the Apple Watch, mainly on Series 3. It would be very interesting to explore this area.


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