Graduated from AKB Minegishi Minami! 4.2 graduate con, 1st grade zero

AKB48 Minegishi Minami [27] announced the group graduation at the "AKB48 Theater 14th Anniversary Special Performance" held at AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo on the 8th.

Minegishi reported, “I ’m grateful to have this day,” saying “I, Minami Minegishi will graduate from AKB48.” The group concert on April 2 at the Yokohama Arena will be a graduation concert.

Minegishi said, “I had been worried for a long time, but I thought I would graduate when I liked AKB. In this way, I decided to choose a place that everyone could watch over. I would be glad if you watched it. "

The 20 first-year students such as Tomoko Maeda [28] Minami Takahashi [28] Tomomi Itano [28], who debuted on this day in 2005, will graduate from Minegishi. Minegishi was the only first-year student since Kojima Haruna [31] graduated in April 2017.

Minegishi joined AKB48 in December 2005 as a first-year student. In September 2008, he worked with Takahashi and Kojima as a derivative unit “No Sleeves”. In January 2013, a scandal was reported in a weekly magazine and demoted to a research student. In June of the same year, he succeeded in performing at the Nippon Budokan together with his research students at that time, and as a captain of Team 4 who recurred in August of the same year, he has gathered young people.

He played an active part in variety shows with light talks, and in 16 he challenged dieting with a “rise” CM. Actresses such as dramas and movies are also performed. Last year, they appeared in "Sanbun Opera" and in March this year in Meijiza "Musical Futari Akuni".

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