Grand Prix Fourin, Shinsei director daughter Chise 9 years old is the youngest ever

"The 61st Shining! Japan Record Awards" [organized by the Japan Composers' Association] was announced at the New National Theater in Tokyo on the 30th, and the five-element elementary and junior high school student unit Foorin's "Paprika" won the first grand prize. did. With an average age of 11.2 years, it was the youngest award ever. The Best Newcomer Award was won by a group of 12 women, BEYOOOOONDS.

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Paprika, a song sung and danced by children from all over Japan, won the Record Award. Due to the Labor Standards Act, members were unable to celebrate the grand prize announcement moment before 10 pm on stage. The member Moe [small 6 = 11] who has already returned home exchanges "unusual" with the host moderator Shinichiro Yasumi [46] by live telephone. "I'm very happy! I'm so grateful to everyone," she said on the phone.

"Paprika" is a song supported by NHK's "2020 Support Song Project", and was produced by singer / songwriter Genshi Yonezu [28] who composed and produced the lyrics. When the broadcast began on NHK's “Minna no Uta” last August-September, we received easy-to-remember lyrics and a pretty dance performed by Tomohiko Tsujimoto [42] and Koharu Sugawara [27], especially among children. It became very popular.

The song was played almost everywhere at presentations in kindergartens and elementary schools, and at sports days. With over 300 million views on related videos such as MVs on YouTube, the momentum has not diminished this year, making it a national song known to everyone, young and old. The oldest Hyuga [1 = 13] said, "The brass band performed at the Gakugei-kai and became a chorus for all students." After the award was announced, AKB48, Nogizaka46, DA PUMP, and other award winners also danced.

Chise is the youngest of the group and the eldest daughter of Director Shinkai Makoto. As a participant in the grand prize-winning song, Jurina Matsui [11] and Keirei Iwata [12] were the youngest record breakers, exceeding the age of 14 [none of them appeared on the award ceremony]. Yonezu said on the VTR of the program, "I'm watching it seemingly busy and wondering if it's okay. But seeing it singing hard makes me feel very proud." However, even during the busy end of the year when she appears on song programs, Chise reveals that she has done her homework in the meantime, saying "I did a bit of a reading report", and pure innocent boys and girls. Shining the crown of Reiwa for the first time, it repainted history.

◆ Foorin ◆ A children's unit of five men and women who Yonezu wrote and composed as a support song for 2020 and produced it. The members are the main vocals, Moe, Chorus & Dance [Middle 1 = 13], Ririko [Small 4 = 10], Chise. Yonezu names the five people singing and dancing “Paprika” as “wind chimes”.

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