Gray vs Yamashita, fierce battle: Drift Round 1

The 4-wheel drift competition "FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN [= FDJ]" will start on August 1 and 2 at Miyagi Sportsland SUGO. The long-awaited first round, which was postponed twice from May in Corona. The battle between Andrew Gray [41 = Scotland], who is aiming for the 5th annual title for the second consecutive year, and Koichi Yamashita [52], which is expected by Japan to aim for the first victory of the long-cherished desire, is noteworthy. Last year's crown shined in the final race, Gray, but what will happen this year?


Gray is looking forward to debuting the Lexus RC in the opening round of the FDJ. The weight of the car is heavier than last year's champion car JZX100 Mark 2, and although there are differences in operability, we are repeatedly testing "I want to improve the fighting power of the machine as soon as possible in time for the opening game". The engine is a 1000 horsepower monster machine. "Our team staff and people have done a great job in making this car. We hope all fans will support this new machine and me," Gray said. Grasp the handle with your mind in mind.

On the other hand, the base vehicle of Yamashita is JZX100 Mark 2 which was the same as last year, but we tried to adjust the overhaul and suspension of each place and weight reduction for the opening race. "The test is good. The fighting power of the machine has improved compared to last year. The driver and the car are perfect. I want to fight quickly." I am also looking forward to running SUGO. And, while worried about being overwhelmed, with the regret of being second overall overall last year, he said, "I will challenge the fight with the feeling that I will not lose even one race, and I will give a good result from the first race."

Sportsland SUGO is an international racing course where races of top domestic categories such as Super GT and Super Formula are held. This time, from the home straight to the start of the 3rd corner will be used as the judging corner. From the start to the first corner, there is a gradual upward slope, and from the second corner to the third corner. It is Gray or Yamashita who will win SUGO, which is the first FDJ held with no audience. An intense drift battle is expected.

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